Cataract Surgery

Sea Island Ophthalmology is proud to offer traditional and laser cataract surgery to Beaufort, South Carolina! We offer various premium lenses, and both laser and traditional cataract surgery. Book your consultation with Dr. Siegel today!

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Laser Cataract Surgery

Mark Siegel, M.D. is the first ophthalmologist in the Northern Beaufort County area to offer laser cataract surgery! Those who choose laser assisted cataract surgery face less chance of complication, faster recovery times, and amazing results! Schedule your consultation today!

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Premium Lens Implants

Presbyopia and astigmatism correcting lenses are available at Sea Island Ophthalmology. Dr. Siegel now offers the AcrySof® IQ PanOptix® trifocal lens implant to help his cataract patients see clearly at all distances. Learn more about the advanced lens options available to our cataract patients!

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SLT Laser Treatment For Glaucoma

Are you suffering from Glaucoma in the Beaufort, SC area? Dr. Siegel offers Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty (SLT) to treat his Glaucoma Patients.

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Cosmetic Treatment

Sea Island Ophthalmology now offers BOTOX® to help you look your best and improve your confidence. Interested in learning more? Visit our Cosmetic Services page or call to schedule an appointment today!

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Our Technology

At Sea Island Ophthalmology, we are dedicated to providing the best for our patients, investing in the latest technology in order to achieve outstanding visual and procedural outcomes.

Cataract Surgery

The IOLMaster700

In light of this dedication, we are proud to be the first practice in South The IOLMaster700 Carolina to offer the IOLMaster 700. This imaging technology is at the forefront of accuracy in ocular biometry and helps to achieve the highest standard in cataract surgery outcomes. By identifying irregular geometries in the eye or inadequate fixation, this tool greatly reduces the risk of refractive surprises during the procedure.

What is Ocular Biometry?

Put simply, ocular biometry describes measurements of the eye, such as the size and shape. The IOLMaster 700 scans the eye, and because it is able to scan the eye over 2,000 times per second the imaging is unbelievably accurate, allowing Dr. Siegel to evaluate your unique ocular needs.

As compared to other technologies, the IOLMaster 700 brings both doctor and patient elevated levels of safety, more efficient procedures, and more predictable refractive outcomes!

LensX Laser Cataract Surgery

LensX Laser Cataract Surgery Hilton HeadAmong our latest technology is the LensX Laser System from Alcon, which allows Dr. Siegel to perform cataract surgeries without the use of a blade! this technology allows for optimal precision when performing cataract surgery.

This state-of-the-art laser allows us to create better incisions and gives the practice access to real-time diagnostic tools that provide accurate visuals of the eye during surgery. Laser cataract surgery is more accurate, has a lesser chance of complications, and patients who undergo laser cataract surgery have shorter recovery periods!

To receive the best in care with the most advanced technologies, schedule a consultation at Sea Island Ophthalmology today!